100% plant-based, good, natural: these are our delicious ready-to-cook soups, for a genuine meal that is also tasty and satisfying! Just heat it in the microwave or in a pan for few minutes.

Our production and logistics system brings them quickly and safely to tables all around the world. Quality and authenticity are our keywords: the chosen raw material are the product of unique agricultural knowledge.


SaiChé is the new line "Percorso salute" ("health path") from Cottintavola, a line of gourmet cream soup that help maintain consistent wellness and can be consumed anywhere thanks to the new tumbler format.

Steamed and grilled

Simple, au naturel

Steamed and grilled
V Range

We process vegetables into fifth-range products and market them under our Cottintavola brand.

Our fifth range is differentiated by the total absence of preservative additives: the special production process allows for a high shelf life,maintaining the characteristics and properties of the fresh vegetable.

The skin pack of steamed and grilled food allows a realistic view of the contents and is fully microwaveable.

The burgers with vegetables

100% vegetable, gluten-free

The burgers with vegetables The burgers with vegetables
Burger with vegetables

Our 100% plant-based burgers are quick and easy to prepare.

Excellent with fresh, grilled or steamed vegetables, ideal for making tasty sandwiches. Try them with our vegetable sauce, which we always prepare gluten-free and preservative-free. The vegetable burger is already cooked, ready to eat.

To enjoy it at its best, we recommend heating it briefly according to the listed methods of use.

Apri e... Frutta!

Fruit purees

Apri e... Frutta! Apri e... Frutta!
Apri e... Frutta!

Apri e... Frutta! 100% natural purees with no added sugar

The “Apri e... Frutta!” from Riverfrut are 100% natural fruit purees, unique in their kind: from selected fruit, they are cold-processed so as not to lose their nutritional properties and stored at a controlled temperature (2 °C - 8 °C). Free of added sugar, sweeteners, thickeners, colouring agents and preservatives.

The Soups

Excellent as a single dish

The Soups

Cottintavola soups are 100% vegetable and gluten-free.

Easy and quick to prepare, they are great as a one-pot meal.

To best enjoy them, follow the listed ways of use.

The Organic Mashes

100% vegetable, milk-free, gluten-free

The Organic Mashes The Organic Mashes
Organic Mashes

Cottintavola Organic Mashes are 100% vegetable, dairy and gluten-free and made with organic vegetables.

Easy and quick to prepare, they lend themselves to accompany all your recipes.

To savour them at their best follow the ways of use elencati.